Interventional Cardiology

Dr Fiona Foo has extensive experience in diagnostic coronary angiography, angioplasty and coronary artery stenting; and the use of fractional flow reserve (FFR) and coronary physiology studies in guiding management. She has undertaken interventional fellowships at the University of Alberta Hospital/Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; and the Golden Jubilee National Hospital, Glasgow, UK; both high volume, internationally renowned centres.

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Heart Disease in Women

Dr Foo is active in increasing the awareness of Women and Heart Disease. She thoroughly assesses women's risk for heart disease including obstetric and other women specific risk factors. She also has experience in diagnosing cardiac conditions that are more common in women such as INOCA (ischaemia with no obstructive coronary artery disease).

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Sports Cardiology

Dr Fiona Foo has a strong interest in Sports Cardiology, being very active herself. She sees patients anywhere from the "weekend warrior" to the elite athlete. She actively encourages her patients to exercise regularly.

Read her article on Cardiology in the Athlete:

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Preoperative Cardiac Assessment prior to Non-Cardiac Surgery

Dr Foo has interests and regularly assesses patients' cardiac risk prior to non cardiac surgery. She has been involved in research related to cardiac risks of non-cardiac surgery following coronary stenting.

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Pro Bono International Aid Work

Dr Foo is passionate about providing interventional cardiology services to the third world. She has been regularly visiting Colonial Memorial Hospital in Suva, Fiji to provide interventional cardiology services since 2013. She has also taught and provided interventional cardiology services in Dhulikhel Hospital, Nepal, and performed the first coronary angioplasty/stent there in 2012.

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Climate Change and Cardiovascular Disease

Dr Foo is an active member of Doctors for the Environment.

She has been writing and presenting extensively on Climate Change and Cardiovascular Disease to the Community, GPs, Nurses, Physiologists, Hospital staff, Cardiologists...

She is helping lead the MUH sustainability committee.

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Active Healthy Lifestyle

Dr Foo is a huge advocate for regular exercise and a healthy diet. She exercises regularly. She runs, swims, does Spin and Xtend Barre classes. She has completed a number of half marathons/marathons, and ocean swim events. She often analyses patients diets and focuses on a heart health diet. She has been in Womens Health and Good Health Magazines.

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