Exercise Regularly

Exercise reduces cardiovascular risk. It also lowers cardiovascular risk factors such as blood pressure, cholesterol and improves diabetes control.

Recommend 150minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week, ideally 30 minutes a day.

Incorporate resistance/weight bearing exercise.

Heart Healthy Diet

A Mediterranean diet has been shown to have cardiovascular benefit. Eat more vegetable, fruit, whole grains and legumes.

Eat less red meat, more fish and lean chicken.

Avoid processed and fried foods, creams, sugars, eg cakes/biscuits/icecream.

Limit high fat dairy.

Minimise alcohol and drink mainly water.

Sit Less, Move More, More Often

Prolonged Sitting has been shown to increase cardiovascular risk, as well as the risk of diabetes and cancer.

Regularly break up prolonged sitting 2-3times/hour.



Exercise Regime

Fiona regularly exercises, almost everyday. She enjoys running, swimming, Xtend Barre, Spin classes and yoga. She has completed a number of half marathons/marathons, and ocean swim events.

Heart Healthy Diet

Fiona is Pescetarean, she has a mainly plant based diet with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit, nuts/seeds, whole grains and legumes. She does have fish, particularly salmon (high in omega 3), but no meat. She avoids processed foods, fried foods and sugar. She has only occasional dairy.

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