To all our cardiology patients, our thoughts are with you and your family in this difficult time. 

Please listen to the advice of our government and practice social distancing, this is particularly important for the elderly and those with chronic heart conditions. 

Our clinics are still open, and our cardiologists are able to give telehealth/phone consultations to those >70yo and with chronic heart conditions if we have seen you in the last 12months.  

Please do not stop your medications without proper medical advice. It is important to optimise your heart health during this COVID-19 threat.  In addition, when available, please get a flu injection. 

(There have been reports of increased risk in those taking certain blood pressure medications; however advice from multiple cardiology societies have urged us not to stop these blood pressure medications at this stage). 

As always, if you having any cardiac symptoms, do not hesitate to contact us regarding further assessment and management.